Industrial maintenance

  • Oil factories technical maintenance
  • Chemical plant maintenance
  • Food industry service and maintenance
  • Installation of electrical equipment and maintenance
  • Installation of communication equipment and maintenance
  • Closed premises cleaning, inspection, maintenance
  • Tank maintenance, cleaning, painting, visual inspection
  • Pipe maintenance, cleaning, painting, visual inspection
  • Installation, cleaning, painting, visual inspection of structures
  • NDT Inspection

Wind turbines service and maintenance

  • Wind turbine Inspection
  • Maintenance of wind turbines
  • Wind turbine repairs
  • Wind turbine tower and blade cleaning

Advertising service

  • Outdoor and indoor advertising
  • Logotype installation maintenance

Residential home service

  • Residential / apartment building maintenance
  • Houses painting
  • Roof painting
  • Roof repair
  • Window cleaning / washing
  • Facade cleaning / washing
  • Chimney cleaning and painting

Arboristic maintenance of trees

  • Tree branches pruning
  • Cutting down trees